mardi 29 décembre 2015

Getting married in a foreign country

Choose to marry in a country other than the country of origin it is possible and it can from the perspective of the ceremony itself, it can be an opportunity to have a great time for your wedding, and possibly take advantage of greater privacy. The passion for the exotic or the desire to change frame can be a motivation to get married abroad, it is also looking for originality. like Marrakech in Morocco, which become recommended destination for a lot of couples.

 Skip the happiest day of your life away from your native land is a concept that has been successful with many French. A wedding abroad this can apply to both the union of two French nationals, that the union of persons of different nationalities. The administrative formalities are not the same for both cases, but it is easy to prepare in all serenity their civil marriage, the important thing is to be well informed and to prepare well in advance so that everything is in order Some time before the big day you can get married in a foreign country, whether for French nationals couples, or to couples of different nationalities.

In all cases, the formalities are to follow, including the preparation of paperwork. The organization of the wedding itself in terms of the festivities can also be referred to a specialist for "destination wedding" or "wedding away from home." The services offered by a destination wedding planner in Marrakech or a specialized travel agency only consist in organizing and preparing the festivities, strictly speaking of marriage, without this step concerns the religious ceremony (if any) that of civil marriage itself. Many couples prefer indeed celebrate their union in an original and intimate setting, far from their native land, and for that, there is nothing better than to call in a specialist. In addition, by opting for a foreign marriage, the spouses will enjoy their honeymoon there, in a very original way.

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